Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon

Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon

Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon

Country- United States
State- Kentucky
Brand- Heaven Hill Distillery
Type- Bourbon
Price- $
ABV- 43% (86 Proof)
Average Bourbon Rating- 3.5

Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon is a smooth, rich and easy to enjoy Bourbon.

Color– Medium amber
Nose– Light with deep vanilla and mint.
Taste– Notes of oak, brown sugar and caramel.
Finish– Medium to long.

About Heaven Hill Distillery
Heaven Hill Distilleries was founded in Bardstown, Kentucky in 1935 by the Shapira family. Their goal was to produce and market Bourbon and premium American Whiskeys. Their first barrel would be produced on 12/13/1935, and it would be named Bourbon Falls (the company’s first label.) In 1946 Earl Beam from the Jim Beam company would become Heaven Hill’s Master Distiller. In 1957 they would introduce Evan Williams Bourbon as their flagship brand. Earl would pass the torch to his son Parker in 1975. The company would introduce Elijah Craig in 1986, and this was the first “small batch” Bourbon available. The distillery would acquire brands in the 90’s adding to their product line.

Bourbon Reviews:
Tobin’s Review 3.5 out of 5
Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon has a light golden hue. The bourbon has sweet oak aromas on the nose, followed by sweet flavors with a light oak finish. For the price, this is a great bourbon!

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