The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Liquors:
One of the big differences between cheap and expensive liquors are the amount of congeners that reside in each bottle. A congener is a substance other than the desired type of alcohol ‘ethanol’ produced during fermentation. These substances can include small amounts of chemicals such as methanol, fusel alcohols, acetone, acetaldehyde, esters, tannins and aldehydes. While congeners contribute to hangovers, the worst congener is acetaldehyde which is 30 times more poisonous than alcohol. The more expensive liquors have fewer congeners because they use filtration and also distill their product multiple times. The more times a liquor is distilled, the more pure the product will be. The cheaper liquors will skimp on filtration and only distill their product once. Dark liquors generally have more congeners as they do add taste to the liquor. A clear liquor, if it’s distilled enough and has decent filtration can be very pure.

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$0.00 – $19.99
Inexpensive liquors are often mass produced and use additives, such as sugar or chemical flavorings in the production of their product…. READ MORE

$20.00 – $39.99
Moderately priced liquors are going to be more pure and have fewer congeners than their inexpensive counterparts…. READ MORE

$40.00 – $59.99
Expensive liquors in general are going to be distilled more, to ensure the removal of any potent congeners…. READ MORE

Very expensive liquors are going to be small batched, aged longer, have fewer congeners and be rarer than the inexpensive brands…. READ MORE