Sierra Norte Black Corn Whiskey

Sierra Norte Black Corn Whiskey

Sierra Norte Black Corn Whiskey

Country- Mexico
Region- Oaxaca
Brand- Sierra Norte Distillery
Type- Mexican Whisky
Price- $$$
ABV- 45% (90 Proof)
Average Tequila Rating- 3

Sierra Norte Black Corn Whiskey is a single barrel whiskey that has penetrating aromas of maraschino cherry and banana peel. The palate showcases deep plantain flavor with a vanilla cake and almond finish.

Nose– Maraschino cherry and banana peel
Taste– Deep ripe plantain
Finish– Wedding cake with almond vanilla icing

About Sierra Norte
In 1995, Douglas French founded Scorpion Mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico. Scorpion has had success, but the agave plants were being overharvested and French wasn’t running at full capacity due to an agave shortage. In order to maximize his distillery he developed a recipe using traditional heirloom corn. In 2013 the Sierra Norte Distillery was born. The company currently produces three types of whiskies, Yellow Corn, Black Corn and White Whiskey.

Mexican Whiskey Reviews:
Tobin’s Review 3 out of 5
Sierra Norte’s Black Corn Mexican Whiskey has a beautiful gold coloring with sweet aromas of vanilla cream and a hint of caramel. The whiskey is soft and smooth with flavors of cherry wood, a hint of vanilla, butter and lemon citrus. The post palate finishes with a sweet cocoa powder aftertaste.
**Also, a splash of water or a rock nicely opens up this whiskey!

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