Casa Maestri Vodka

Casa Maestri Vodka

Casa Maestri Vodka

Country- France
Brand- Casa Maestri
Type- French Vodka
Price- $
ABV- 40% (80 Proof)
Average Vodka Rating- 3

Casa Maestri Vodka is produced in France. The vodka is distilled five times, which helps keep it both delicious and smooth.

About the Casa Maestri
Casa Maestri was founded in 2008 by Michael and Celia V. Maestri. The pair moved from Houston, TX to Jalisco, Mexico and established Destiladora del Valle de Tequila Distillery (AKA Casa Maestri). They produce some of the best tequila in Mexico.

Vodka Reviews:
Tobin’s Review 3 out of 5
Casa Maestri’s Vodka has a sweet candyish aroma with a little grain. The flavors of the vodka are creamy and smooth with a little grain in the flavor profile as well. The post palate is an alcohol end, but the beginning is nice and smooth. This is an easy vodka to drink.

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